The LNMIIT Outreach Program

LNMIIT believes and works on the motto of giving back to the society it is a part of. The LNMIIT Outreach Program is a multi-pronged extension of this motive and broadly covers the following endeavors:

Reaching Out

LNMIIT regularly reaches out to the villages surrounding the campus for multiple activities related to their education or health. It tries to impart computer education to children in surrounding schools. It organizes medical health camps in association with top hospitals of Jaipur.

Awareness Programs

Awareness programs, dealing with myriad issues, are taken up regularly at LNMIIT. Through these programs, information is imparted on health, safety, social issues etc.


Sankalp is a club run by the students of LNMIIT for the complete all round (physical, mental and spiritual) development of the students. It comes under the umbrella of Student's Gymkhana. The present education system provides technical knowledge and enables a person to earn his living and gain recognition in the society. But it is equally important for an individual to understand life in its totality, to inculcate social and moral values and fulfil his responsibility towards the society he or she is a part of. These are the qualities which lead to the holistic development of one's personality. The Sankalp club was founded with this noble idea and fulfils its purpose in the following ways:

In a nutshell, the scope of activities of Sankalp is not bounded within any frame. It does anything and everything by virtue of which it can add some value either to our humane side or to the society around.

School Visits

The program covers senior school students who are on the threshold of their higher education. Presently, the program extends to schools in the Jaipur city. The program encourages the young aspirants to:

LNMIIT faculty and students visit the schools on a regular basis and organize presentations and discussions on topics of academic, intellectual and societal relevance. The institute plans to expand the programme by inviting school students to various knowledge sharing seminars/exhibitions/workshops that are held in LNMIIT campus and create awareness amongst the young technocrats of today.